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We are here today because of those who have come before us for the last 150 years. The Los Gatos Union School District, comprised of four elementary schools and one middle school, inspires learning so students grow into their best selves. Our mission has always been focused on educating the whole child who can adapt to an ever-changing world.

To the parents and families of Blossom Hill Elementary, Daves Avenue Elementary, Lexington Elementary, Louise Van Meter Elementary, and R.J. Fisher Middle Schoolthis is our story.

The story of the Los Gatos Union School District (LGUSD) is founded on inspiring teachers, caring parents, strong leaders, and an amazing mix of smart, creative and interested students. A spirit of respect and appreciation for young people is central to the educational philosophy of the Los Gatos community, and our schools emulate that belief. This is truly a place that fosters the kind of close relationships between educators and partners that last a lifetime ensuring LGUSD continues to operate on sound financial footing both today and tomorrow.

The websites of the Los Gatos Education Foundation (Foundation) and the Home & School Clubs express the same ardor, shared experiences and expectations for the future as our teachers, staff, parents and students. Our schools rely heavily on a blended funding model that includes annual property taxes, parcel tax, and private donations from the Foundation and our five Home & School Clubs. It is this financial model that makes Los Gatos the envy of other school districts – and we will do the most we can, in the most lasting ways possible, for our children - grades K-8.

Why don’t our taxes cover our children’s education? In 2011-12, California ranked 47th overall in how much it spends per student – $8,667 when adjusted for regional cost differences, about $3,000 below the national average of $11,665.  California remains near the bottom nationwide in per student spending (source: Quality Counts 2012). Few people know that the Federal government provides almost no funding to our five public schools in the Los Gatos Union School District.

Why have a parcel tax, Foundation and Home & School Clubs? The parcel tax is applied to every real estate parcel in the Los Gatos district boundaries (with the exception of seniors, who may apply for an exemption). Therefore, every property owner helps support our five schools at a base level. This is a fair and equitable arrangement since our schools have consistently proven to positively impact property values. The Foundation, in partnership with the five Home & School Clubs, is supported primarily through parents and community partners. These donations allow us to offer unique programs not available in other public school districts.

How do we use the money raised by the Foundation? All proceeds raised by the Foundation directly benefit every student at Blossom Hill Elementary, Daves Avenue Elementary, Lexington Elementary, Louise Van Meter Elementary and R.J. Fisher Middle School for equitable programs that span the five schools in the areas of Science, Music, Art, Resources, and Technology.

How do we use the money raised by the Home & School Clubs? All proceeds raised by each Home & School Club benefit your child at his/her school to supplement district-wide funded programs in the areas of literacy, technology, physical education, mathematics, science, health, safety, student supplies, and other activities specific to each school site. It takes this unique partnership between the Home & School Clubs, the District, and the Foundation to educate and sustain all the great programs LGUSD has to offer our children.

Our story continues to grow because of the generous donations from current school families, community members, alumni and local businesses. It takes a combined effort to offer exceptional programs for our students…today and tomorrow.

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