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Information Packet 2017/18

Class placements for Grades 1-5 will be posted on school office windows on 8/16 at 5 pm.

Welcome Back-to-School!

We are so glad you are here!! Please take some time to read and complete documents to get the school year off to a smooth and safe start.

  • Items marked with a checked box (þ) must be filled out and submitted to the teacher.
  • Please note that documents marked with a circle-star (✪) are available to print, fill out, and submit to the school office.
  • Documents marked with an arrow (ç) are for your information and reading pleasure. Parents may want to print these out for future reference.
  • The dollar sign ($) designates a link for filling out form(s) and/or donating online.

Blossom Hill Elementary School

Blossom Hill Home and School Club

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Safe Routes to School