May 29, 2019



LGS Recreation’s Summer Enrichment News
LGS Recreation’s Summer Enrichment School is back with new class offerings and the ones participants already love! Their program, designed and facilitated by credentialed teachers from local school districts, provides young people the opportunity to keep learning during summer months through a wide-range of challenging, engaging, and fun classes! Visit this link for registration


Los Gatos Saratoga Recreation Department
Come join the fun with our amazing range of exciting programs and classes you and your family can participate in community activities of all kinds.
Los Gatos Public Library 
Check out the Kid Pages for on-going family programs and special events

New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU)

Offering after-school classes and weekend workshops for kids and adults. Open studio hours Thursdays through Sundays in their MakerSpace, with projects for the whole family.
More Information on NUMU

CASA - Community Against Substance Abuse

"Fostering healthy lifestyle choices that help young people resist alcohol and drugs."

Monthly meetings open to everyone
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