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Exciting News Regarding Accelerated Reader!

Many of you may have heard about Accelerated Reader from your child's teacher. For those of you who haven't, it is a computer-based, supplementary reading program that has two basic components. First, students take a reading placement test. The program then assigns a reading level to the child based on their performance. Children choose and read a book within their reading level, then take a multiple choice quiz on the computer to check their comprehension. The program gives them (and their teacher) immediate feedback as to how they did.

Thanks to the generosity of the Home and School Club, we have an on-line subscription to over 100,000 quizzes through Renaissance Learning. This means you can probably find quizzes for books you have at home or books you have checked out from the public library as well as for books we have in our school library.

Each student in grades 1-5 has an Accelerated Reader account. This can be accessed by logging in on the following website:

Log in as a student, then ask your child to type in their username (first two letters of their first name, first four letters of their last name) and password (kids). Click on "Take a Reading Practice Quiz." To see what level a book is, just type in the title and click "Search." If a quiz is available for the book, the reading level will be listed under the head "B.L." for "Book Level." The rest of the prompts for taking a quiz are simple enough for you to read with your child if they need help.

Accelerated Reader is another tool for students to use to get feedback about their reading comprehension. Quizzes for both fiction and non-fiction books are available. Since it is on-line, students can take quizzes both at school and at home. They can also read books and take quizzes during summer vacations, which might be a great motivational tool to keep them reading during the summer!

If you have any questions regarding Accelerated Reader, please contact your teacher or our school Media Specialist at 408 335-2125.

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