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Library Volunteer Info

Thank you for volunteering to help in Blossom Hill’s Library Media Center.
Volunteers are an invaluable resource for our Library Media Center and we need you!

As a volunteer you will probably spend most of your time shelving books that have been either checked out and returned or used by our students for research in the Library Media Center. Each child 1-5th Grade can check out two books per week, that's potentially +1000 books checked in and out a week. As you can imagine it takes many hands to return this many books to the bookshelves in the right order.

You may also be asked to help with other tasks in the Library Media Center. These might include:
Check books in and out
Read shelves to make sure books are in the right order
Help children locate books, magazines, or reference materials
Straighten books on shelves, put chairs in order, and pick up papers
Help at the Book Fair
Check shelves for missing or overdue books

Volunteering in the library is a great way to get to know the students and staff, and it's so much fun!

The attached document is a helpful guide to volunteering in the Blossom Hill Library. It's worth looking over if you are a new volunteer or a repeat offender;)