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Student Handbook » Campus Visitation & Student Departures

Campus Visitation & Student Departures

Parents are welcome on our campus. It is our school policy that parents check in with the office upon arrival. Once the school day begins, parents will only be able to enter the campus from the FRONT entrance. The gate from Cherry Blossom will be locked during school hours. Parents must sign-in at the front office if they wish to come on campus. No parents will be allowed in classrooms or on school grounds without an identification badge. We do not allow phone calls or other interruptions to the classrooms. Should there be an urgent message that must get to your child, the school secretary will ensure this is delivered. Visits to your child's classroom may be made by scheduling an appointment with the teacher. Visits of 15 to 30 minutes are preferable.

Other Visitors
We are very protective of our students and seek to minimize classroom disruptions. Therefore, no person, other than a parent, may visit classrooms. Adults, other than parents, who wish to visit our campus, must contact the principal to discuss the reason for their visit. When arriving on campus, visitors must sign a register and obtain a Visitor's Badge in the school office. Children who are not Blossom Hill students may not attend classes or be on the school grounds during school hours.

Removing a Child from School
To ensure the protection and safety of our students, no child will be permitted to leave the school grounds unless they are picked up by a parent, guardian, or someone listed as an emergency contact on the student’s emergency card. No child will be released to anyone whose name is not on the emergency card. The adult picking up a student must sign them out in the front office and will be asked for identification.