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Student Progress

Teachers assign homework four days a week. Beginning in first grade, students complete ten minutes of written work, with ten additional minutes of homework for each subsequent grade. In addition, children should read at home for ten to 20 minutes a day. Teachers may assign long-term projects over the weekends in upper grades. We encourage parents to supervise homework and support their children’s efforts.

Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled in November and March of the school year. The November conference is mandatory. Conferences may also be scheduled in March at the parents' or teacher's request. Teachers will provide a written report for both grading periods. Additionally, parents or teachers may ask for a conference at any time. Never hesitate to contact us with information that will give us a better understanding of your child.

Report Cards
Students receive report cards three times during the school year: one at each of the fall and spring conferences, and one at the end of the school year. The following criteria are used for first through third grades: O=Outstanding, S=Satisfactory, I=Improving, N=Needs improvement. Fourth and fifth graders receive A, B, C, D, or F letter grades; O, S, I, or N will be applied to their behavior and study habits. Primary and intermediate grade teachers will provide written comments about student grades.