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About Our School

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."
-Franklin D. Roosevelt
Blossom Hill School serves approximately 510 students in grades K through 5 in Los Gatos, CA. Opened in 1957, and located in the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains, Blossom Hill was named for the picturesque hills behind our campus that were covered with walnut and apricot orchards. Our best resources for student learning and literacy are teachers, school staff, parents, and community members. Through a skilled staff and a strong tie to the community, the school does all it can to nurture parent and community partnerships.
Parents at our school are a very active and integral part of the education process at Blossom Hill. Their involvement and a firm commitment to the pursuit of excellence in education is an essential element that adds to our success. Parent-run organizations benefit the school with proceeds from various fund-raisers. Parent volunteers are plentiful, and their contributions include assisting in the classrooms, taking an active role in school committees and organizations, fundraising, driving on field trips, maintenance/beautification projects, and more.
Our dedicated teaching staff brings vast experience, creativity, and genuine commitment to providing a quality education for students. Students' needs and interests are the highest priority of the staff. They recognize the educational challenges of maximizing the potential of every student; that is to meet all students as they come to us and to guide them to higher levels of achievement. At the core of our vision are five basic goals for students. Our students will learn to be complex thinkers, quality producers, collaborative workers, self-directed learners, and community contributors. Our program provides all students with the necessary skills to become lifelong learners and productive members of society.
Blossom Hill is committed to providing a comprehensive curriculum, with an emphasis on the development of the whole child. Emphasis on academics includes a literacy program for the primary grades in which skills are taught within the context of children's literature while using a standards-based reading program. Our mathematics program aims at making students "mathematically powerful" with the mathematical skills necessary to compete in an ever-changing technological society. Our science curriculum is a hands-on discovery-based program providing students with hands-on explorations of the world around them.
Our children are given many opportunities to develop social skills and to experience activities in the areas of drama and physical development as well as library skills and computer literacy. Fine Arts at Blossom Hill include a credentialled art teacher and a popular Art Docent program for grade K-5. We are lucky to have a weekly music program that includes instrumental or choral music at grade 5, violin and classroom music at grade 4, recorder and classroom music in grade 3 and classroom music in grades K-2. In addition, Blossom Hill offers after-hours choir and theater programs.
Technology is an important part of the educational program and environment at Blossom Hill. We have a fully equipped computer lab that can accommodate 30 students. Each classroom is equipped with networked computers. Students are taught word processing skills and teachers guide them in the use of a variety of educational software. 
Our school community is devoted to providing quality education and a nurturing environment for all students. By teaching rigorous content in the core academic areas and valuing visual and performing arts and technology, we are ensuring our children become confident, competent, independent learners. Finally, we strive to create a supportive climate in which every child's talents and interests are nurtured. We are proud of our school-wide Character Education program, emphasizing a character trait each month from which our students learn to become positive, productive citizens.