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Service Above Self

Support Blossom Hill's Guatemalan Sister School, Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta Cantón Chacalté Aparicio Zona

Service Above Self is an integral part of the LGUSD mission. It also fosters the development of many of the Student Success Profile traits.  Together these efforts prepare our students to thrive in a diverse and ever-changing world.

To support that effort, Blossom Hill is partnering with Los Gatos Rotary, World Possible, and the Los Gatos community to adopt our sister school, Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta Cantón Chacalté Aparicio Zona. We will fill our sister school's library and provide a RACHEL internet device, all of which will be delivered in Spring 2024.
To purchase Spanish books toward the book drive, click a grade level link below to be taken to the corresponding Amazon gift registry.  Have your selections sent directly to LGUSD Service-Above-Self by selecting the LGUSD Service-Above-Self gift registry address that will appear in your other shipping address list in Amazon.
To contribute to or purchase a RACHEL internet device or a whole grade level library, click the "Purchase a RACHEL internet device or whole grade level library" button below.
Have questions? Contact [email protected]

The Guatemalan Schools RACHEL and book drive is sponsored by:

LGUSD Blossom Hill Elementary World Possible
Los Gatos Interfaith Council
Rotary Club of Los Gatos Club Rotary Guatemala Vista Hermosa Rotary Mazatenango, Guatemala