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Parent Notices (Wednesday Buzz)
Every Wednesday, a parent information packet is posted electronically, and a link to the website is sent to the email address(es) registered to each family. It typically includes the school Beehive Newsletter, flyers, and information affiliated with the district. Extra hard copies are available in the school office.

Beehive Newsletter
The Beehive weekly school newsletter includes pertinent school and district information on activities and events, as well as a weekly article from our principal, Lisa Reynolds. The Beehive is linked weekly in the Wednesday parent email and is also available online at our website in the "Wednesday Buzz" section.

Buzz Book
The Buzz Book is a directory of students, parents, teachers, and staff at Blossom Hill that is published after the start of each new school year. Families are included in the Buzz Book on an opt-in basis. The Buzz Book provides the names and contact information for the Room Parents for each class as well as all Home & School Club committee chairpersons. The Student Handbook and School Year Calendar are also included. One copy per household is available with Home and School Club membership. Additional copies may be purchased by H&SC members for a nominal fee. Please do not misuse the family listing information. Party invitations and/or social plans should be made by mail or phone, not at school. The information in the buzz Book may not be used for business solicitations.

Web Site
For current school information, log on to our school's website, Our website offers a plethora of information about school events, procedures, curriculum, grade level activities, organizations, and school support resources. Each week our website is updated to include pertinent announcements, our weekly newsletter, and school events. We encourage you to use this "paperless" method of staying in touch with what's happening at Blossom Hill.

Los Gatos School District Information
Periodic district updates are sent by the Superintendent to keep parents informed about important happenings district-wide, as well as address any issues that may arise during the school year. Additionally, the Wednesday Buzz packet will contain information on district-wide events. Los Gatos School Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at the District Office on Roberts Road. Parents are invited to attend. Board agendas are posted on the outside office bulletin board prior to board meetings.